EP 02: Why we love living in Raleigh

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Welcome back to our podcast on Raleigh.

In episode 2, we share the many different reasons we love living in Raleigh. It captured us immediately, and when we returned to Australia in 2006, we missed it so much and realized it’s where we wanted our forever home to be.

In the first three episodes of our This is Raleigh podcast, we’re diving deep into our story of how ended up in Raleigh in 2004, moved back and forth several times since, and eventually got a green card to live permanently.

In our first episode, we shared how we randomly ended up in Raleigh on cultural teaching exchange program. Click to listen to Episode 1: Moving to Raleigh for the first time.

In our next episode, we’ll share the final part to our story: coming back to Raleigh the second time with Kalyra, our TRAUMATIC financial disaster that sent us home, and lead us to our travel blogging life (for that past 10 years) that miraculously bought us back. You can listen to episode 3 here.

EP02: What we talk about:

  • How the friendliness of people in Raleigh and North Carolina drew us in
  • The beauty of the City of Oaks
  • Our first friend in Raleigh, Hitesh (we’re still great mates)
  • The joy of traveling like the locals
  • The rich cultural experiences we had like:
    • election parties
    • jumping over the fires in Franklin St
    • crashing a frat party
    • Kirby Derby (before it was in Dorothea Dix
  • The benefits of having connections to your own culture when you live in a foreign place
  • But, why you should also branch out to meet the locals
  • The amazing location for travel Raleigh offers
  • Craig’s jobs in Raleigh: Construction and working for Delta Airlines
  • The work life balance of Australia compared to the US
  • The strangeness of why Americans don’t take their vacation leave!!
  • The end of our first two-year teaching experience in the USA
  • How our road trip across the US on the way back to Australia convinced us to come back.


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Video Podcast

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Comment: We’d love to hear from you! Why do you love living in Raleigh? Ask any questions below. Tell us what you’d love for us to talk about on the podcast!

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