Why Fount Coffee + Kitchen Is our Favorite Coffee Shop in the Triangle (and beyond)

It’s about time we shared a post on our favorite coffee in Wake County, I mean the Triangle area. And I also mean one of our favorite coffees in the USA, Fount Coffee + Kitchen in Morrisville.

People sitting outside a cafe on tables.
Fount Coffee + Kitchen in Morrisville, NC

Big call I know. But we’ve traveled to 37 states and have drunk many cups of coffee. Sadly, in the USA a large percentage of coffees are unmemorable and typically end up in the trash.

So, when I get a cup of coffee that transports me back to my homeland of Australia, you better believe I’m letting y’all know.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast or simply someone looking for a cozy and inviting café experience, look no further than Fount Coffee in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Lady sitting in a cafe drinking coffee and a slice of cake.
Excellent lattes (and coffee cake)

It may be a drive from your other favorite Raleigh coffee shops, but at probably only 20-minutes it’s worth making the journey. Just throw on a good podcast for the drive (did you know we have a podcast?)

In this review, we’ll explore why Fount is so adored, describe the welcoming ambiance, and give you a taste of what you can find on their enticing kitchen menu.

About Fount Coffee + Kitchen: Who and Where

People sitting in a cafe drinking coffee and working on computers.
Celebration of craft, quality, and community.

Fount Coffee is a specialty coffee bar located in the heart of Research Triangle Park (RTP) with a focus on celebrating craft, quality, and community.

While its location is just that little bit too far away for me to make it a daily stop, it’s strategically positioned to serve the residential neighborhoods of Morrisville, West Cary and those near RTP. It’s not too far from I-40 and I-540 and right on Hwy 54, and only 9-minutes from RDU Airport, so if you’re in the area and searching for coffee near me, add the Fount detour into your route.

Two cups of coffee and cake on a table
Latte art and baked goods heaven!

It’s been locally owned and operated since December 2018 by married friends George and Katie Kilgore and Shawn and Kristen Preissner. I wish I was a fly on the wall when they were brainstorming their plans for a Triangle coffee shop because they’ve nailed every element and I want to know how. 

People sitting at tables in a cafe.
Bright and sleek interior

From sleek, yet warm and welcoming design with a central coffee station surrounded by bar seating and communal tables, and filled with natural lighting, live plants, and empowering quotes on the wall. The glass garage doors that open during sunny days opens up the space and invites you to stay a little longer.

People sitting at table drinking coffee
Open and inviting

They’re intentional with serving whole foods sourced sustainably and from local farms, and brewing and crafting coffee that maintains the integrity of its journey from seed to cup.

And when it lands on your table you can be sure that integrity is topped by coffee art worthy of being inked on your skin. All of this is topped off with arms that welcome you into a Fount Family – just the way you are.

Reasons to Love Fount Coffee + Kitchen

People sitting in cafe drinking coffee and working on computers.
A true gem in Wake County

One foot in the door, at any time of their opening hours, and you’ll clearly see this place is popular. The line can sometimes wind out the door and the tables are taken up with friends chatting or workers and students tapping away on their computers. It has that “come sit awhile” comfort vibe.

People lined up at a door of a coffee shop.
Popular with the locals!

No room in the café? Don’t worry, tables can turn over quickly – inside and out – and there is a cool wall of bleacher seating you can hang out on. The reasons for their popularity are abundant.

Science, art & Love of Outstanding Coffee

Lady drinking coffee in a cafe.
For the love of all things coffee shop!

First and foremost, their coffee is a revelation. A coffee that people will rave about for years to come involves science, art, and oodles of love.

Rinse and repeat. Consistency is important too. I love and respect cafes that train baristas – not coffee makers. I’ve been to Fount a lot and every time my coffee has been perfected by a barista – love, art, science. No step in the process unattended to. I know these three ingredients of making coffee as Craig and I have done a barista course in Australia before, and this was drummed into us!

Coffee and cake on a table
Velvety latte

Whether you prefer a rich and bold espresso or a velvety latte, Fount Coffee has you covered. They also partner with local coffee roaster, Counter Culture Coffee in Durham. Anyone living in the Triangle knows they are highly sought after and loved coffee beans. Their coffee is sustainably sourced, quality-focused, B Corp Certified and transparently traded.

Two bags of coffee beans.
Quality local beans

I usually drink lattes at cafes, and as you can tell I am very snobby about them. Every sip of my latte at Fount is pure joy. There is zero hyperbole in that statement. I’ve definitely ordered two in a row before just to prolong it.

No matter your coffee style, Fount has it from batch brews, cappuccinos, americanos, pour-overs, cortado, and flat whites. I’m surprised I have not tried that one yet, since a flat white is what we drink in Australia.

Cup of coffee and a slice of cake.
Full coffee bar menu

They have plant-based milk options as well. I have returned to whole milk now, but I have had almond milk lattes from Fount before that were just as exceptional (not an easy task!) Fount also has interesting and seasonal drinks – check the board behind the coffee station.

I don’t have them much as I don’t like sweet drinks, but their pumpkin spice latte is memorable. It’s more on the spice than the sweet side.

Pumpkin spice latte
Pumpkin spice latte

Since it’s a café that has a focus on wholesome healthy eating, I couldn’t imagine any of their seasonal coffees would be overly sweet. And they are all refined sugar free.

100% Gluten-Free Healthy & Delicious Food

Baked goods on display in a cafe.
100% gluten free menu

Another reason I love Fount Coffee shop (and many others do) is I can walk up to the counter and order anything on the menu and in the cake case and not have to worry about getting sick.

This Triangle Café has 100% gluten free dishes made from organic, high-quality ingredients. Many are also dairy free, vegetarian, or vegan and all are made fresh daily, in house.

The first time I had their Avocado Smash on gluten free sourdough bread and a latte I said, “Oh my god this café is Australia.”

Fried egg on top of avocado on toast
Fried egg on avocado & GF toast

In fact, it’s widely well known (although California will try and fight it) that Australia is the original inventor of Smashed Avo (that’s Australian short for avocado). Fount’s smashed Avo is topped with lime, red pepper, heirloom tomatoes and toasted pine nuts. Yum!

Avocado on egg on toast.
Or scrambled eggs with avo

Nothing we have eaten on the menu yet has disappointed from the scrambled eggs to the acai bowls, and my next raveable point…. their coffee cake!

Okay Raleigh, my absolute favorite pairing in Wake County is the latte and coffee cake. I’ve probably eaten that cake a dozen times and order it every time I visit without fail. It is so hard to get a gluten free cake taste like that.

Slice of cake on a plate.
Don’t miss the coffee cake!

On our last visit, I did branch out – and I mean in addition to my coffee cake, not in replacement of – with one of Fount’s seasonal cakes. We visited on a Friday, and on Fridays they have a special cake they serve.

Yep. Just as sensational. It was a pumpkin cake with creamed cheese frosting. As I’m not a sweet person, I was worried the icing would be too much, but it wasn’t at all. Craig had a Cranberry Orange Scone which he really enjoyed. I’m not a scone person so I let him have it.

Slice of cake and a scone on a plate.
Pumpkin cake with creamed cheese frosting

But don’t rush out. Hang around for the afternoon hours and enjoy small plates, which include curried chicken skewers and charcuterie boards with local cheeses. These can be paired with a selection of fine wines or locally brewed beers. They even have a gluten free IPA.

A scone on a plate.
Cranberry Orange Scone

We have not done this, but plan to soon if I can just move away from that coffee and the cake.

They also have Cary-based Tribucha Kombucha on draft. This is another local Wake County company I love. I buy their lemon, ginger, and berry kombucha all the time.

A Cafe for y’all: Come as you are

People sitting in a cafe drinking coffee
More than just a coffee shop.

What I love about Fount, and one of the reasons it reminds me so much of my Aussie home, as it’s a place that’s more than just grabbing a quick caffeine fix. For Australians a cup of coffee is a chance to sit with friends and engage in conversation while you sip on a work of art.

People sitting in a cafe drinking coffee.
Sit with friends for a while.

Fount has this vibe. The sign “Come as You are” above the bleachers lets you know immediately, there is room for everyone. The communal seating and seats wrapped around the coffee making station, making it easier for patrons to chat to staff, and perhaps strangers beside you attest to that. But it’s also a place that welcomes solitude, if that’s what a person wants while they quietly read a book, study for exams, or like me sometimes, write blog posts on my computer.

People sitting at tables in a cafe working on their computers.
Inspiring place to work

The warm, welcoming atmosphere is fostered by a friendly staff who have the mission to help you feel welcomed and well-fed and coffee happy. Even though they are always busy in there, they make time to chit chat if I ask them a question or two.

Quality Price

People sitting at tables outside a cafe.
Indoor & outdoor seating.

I walked away from a mobile coffee shop recently stunned with the $6.20 price tag, only to head for the nearest trash can.

Ugh, I was so mad, and said to Craig, “Why would I pay that much for a coffee that ends up in the trash when I can buy a perfect cup of coffee at Fount for under $5 while sitting inside their lovely café space?”

People sitting in a cafe working on their computers.
Affordable + cool.

So, I appreciate the affordable prices of Fount Coffee in Morrisville. They haven’t gone extreme jack up the prices and blame it all on inflation. Smashed Avo toast is just under $7 and smoothie bowls just under $12. Because it’s high-quality, healthy food, you won’t need to order as much to fill your tummy.

Final Words

Woman drinking coffee in a coffee shop.
See you again, soon!

As a coffee lover and gluten free eater, Fount Coffee + Kitchen is pure perfection and joy. The only suggestion I ever have, which I tell owner George every time I see him, is “Please, pretty please, open up a location in downtown Cary (or Downtown Raleigh). Just so I can visit every day. Oh, and I won’t be disappointed if you open on Sundays.”

 But I totally understand the intentional decision to take care of staff with a day of rest so they can serve better. That’s the Fount Way.

People sitting at tables working on computers and drinking coffee.
When in Morrisville (or Raleigh for that matter!)

This is a true hidden gem in Morrisville, NC, offering a haven for coffee lovers and a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. With top-notch coffee, a cozy ambiance, and a diverse menu that accommodates all tastes, it’s no wonder that this Triangle café has become a cherished part of the community.

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