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Hello and Welcome!

Thanks so much for visiting our website. We love living in Raleigh and whether you are a resident or visitor, we love to help.

Below are the best ways to contact us via email and connect with us on social.

Important Note About Email

You can contact us via email using the form at the bottom of this page! Or send an email to: cazcraig{at}thisisraleigh{dot}com

Please note that we read every email with gratitude, but due to a crazy time-strapped life running a business and traveling AND raising two kids, our response may be delayed!

Please use the navigation tabs and search function at the top of our site to find answers to your questions. The search bar is your BEST friend.

Please don’t email us your questions until you have SEARCHED our site. Type into the search bar what you’re looking for. We’ve got a stack of tips and advice waiting for you.

Are You a local or visitor?

For a deeper connection with us and for more personal insights and travel tips join our free email community. We send an email once per week. Pop your name and email below:

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Want to work with us?

If you want to work with us or advertise with us, please contact us via email : cazcraig{at}thisisraleigh{dot}com You can also read more about the services we offer and why you want to work with us on this page.

Note: Do not contact us for guest posts or free advertising! Can you imagine how many people contact us for free advertising? Imagine if we said yes? We’d have no time to focus on income producing activities, and this site would collapse, and we could no longer be a valuable resource and support for the community. It takes us hours to produce content and then even more hours to build the community you seek access to.

Please respect our time and value. And no, a free meal or beer won’t pay our bills either!

Your ONLY option is the paid advertising route. Fill in the form down below, outlining what you want and your budget.

Many thanks,

– Caroline and Craig Makepeace

P.S. If you have followed the guidelines above and we haven’t responded within 7 days, your email is probably buried. Please follow up with us again.

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