Ultimate Guide to The NC State Fair (2023): All you need to know!

There’s probably no bigger celebration of local than the NC State Fair, the largest annual event in North Carolina and the place to indulge in rides, food, animals, and entertainment. And below is our complete guide to attending the Fair!

Rides at a festival
Get ready for rides, food and fun!

Held in Raleigh every October at the NC State Fairgrounds about a 15-minute drive west of downtown Raleigh, the State Fair draws in about one million visitors over 11 days from across the state and beyond.

When I was a child growing up in Australia, each year our family would attend the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. It was very similar to this Fair, except on a much larger scale, and they had Show Bags – filled with treats and toys!

Man and woman riding a chair lift at a state fair
Don’t miss riding the State Fair Flyer (chair lift)

For the weeks and months leading up to the Easter Show, I’d do all the chores humanly possible to earn as much money as I could to spend on rides and show bags!

The Sydney Royal Easter Show was an important tradition for our family to connect to each other and our culture and community. Those happy memories are still quite vivid and just as precious decades later.

Kids on a ride at a festival
Our kids creating memories at the NC Fair!

What I most remember is the different version of my hard-working father. It was a time where he could really switch off, reconnect to joy, and enjoy the rewards of his sacrifice and commitment to providing for his family.

I can now see why many hard working Carolinians flock to the North Carolina State Fair every year. It’s an important annual tradition for NC natives for most of their lives.

People riding a chair ride at festival
Of course, the chair swing is here!

They come to the fair to have fun on rides, listen to music, see animals, and devour all the greasy fair food on offer. And to let loose and create happy memories with those they love the most. I’m excited we have the State Fair to create those North Carolina memories with our own daughters now.

While we’ve enjoyed theme parks together in Australia and across the USA, including the hard-to-beat Universal Orlando Resort and the local Carowinds in Charlotte, the Fair gives us the opportunity to connect to and support our beloved North Carolina home, year after year!

Rides and people at a festival
About one million visitors attend per year!

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture has been running the fair every year since 1853. And every year brings something new, whether it’s a ride, a dish, or different vendors.

We hope the below guide will help you plan your visit in the most effortless way. We’ll be updating this every year to include the new attractions, food, events, and prices for each year – stay tuned!

When & where is the N.C. State Fair 2023?

Google map of a city
Click on map for directions.

For many, the State Fair is the start of their Fall festivities and fun. In 2023, the State Fair is being held from October 12-22. The gate hours change throughout the fair ranging from 8am to midnight. Subscribe to our email below so you don’t miss the 2023 State Fair updates.

Uniquely Raleigh
The Places, Food, & Experiences that make Raleigh stand out.

The North Carolina State Fairgrounds are located in West Raleigh at the corner of Hillsborough Street and Blue Ridge Road. It is conveniently located to I-40, I-440, and I-540.

Besides the Fair, the fairgrounds host more than 600 events per year in the 400,000 square feet of building space on 344 acres. The grounds also offer 350 full-service RV access sites, and amenities include free parking.

NC State Fair Tickets

Roller coaster at a festival
Super Cyclone ride

Let’s help you hopefully save a little bit of money and stress on getting your State Fair tickets. Discounted advance ticket sales are online before opening day from August 15 – October 12. Here are all the options:

  • You can purchase discounted tickets online. Note that Cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express will be accepted at all gate locations for ticket purchases. After opening, you’re looking at full price!
  • In person discount advance tickets can be purchased from Sept 28 – Oct 12 at these locations: State Fairgrounds (Dorton Arena Ticket Kiosk & Gate 9 on Trinity Rd), NC Museum of History, and State Farmers Market.
  • Gate Admission tickets are just that. They do not include carnival rides such as the State Fair Flyer or the State Fair SkyGazer. They are all extra fares (learn more about discount ticket days in the tips for the State Fair section down below).
  • Active-duty service members, reservists, retirees, National Guardsmen, and their dependents (ages 13-64) pay only $8 daily at the gate. ID required.
  • The Fair releases a few ticket packages in advance of the Fair opening. One I am keeping my eye on is the Dizzy Pass which includes 1 Gate Admission Ticket +1 Unlimited Ride Wristband.
  • Group Ticket Discount – If you have a large group of 40 people or more you can take advantage of the Group Discount Ticket, which saves $5 per ticket. Learn more about group tickets.

Helpful before you go:

Tips for the State Fair (save money & time)

Get a ride wristband (ride tickets)

Rides and people at a festival
Love rides? Get an unlimited ride wrist band

If you plan to go on a lot of rides at the fair, your best value will be to purchase a wristband for unlimited rides. You can do it online, or once you arrive at the fair. It costs $30 (pre-sale) or $40 at the Fair for unlimited rides.

NOTE: Unlimited Ride Wristbands do NOT include the gate admission to the Fair and are not valid at either of the Flyer or SkyGazer. Keep that in mind!

nc state fair raleigh 12
Classic fair rides!

Each wristband will be valid for one day only. Advance sale wristband vouchers will be redeemed at the Ride Ticket Plazas. Once the Fair begins, wristbands will be available both online and at carnival ticket booths.

Rider must be present at redemption for wristband to be applied. Ride Ticket Plazas are located near Gates 7, 8 and 9 or front of Dorton Arena.

Ride Ticket Cards (new for 2023)

A ride at a festival
Best to buy in advance!

Ride ticket credits will be placed on a chipped card which will be presented at each ride and automatically debited the ticket count for that ride. And ride ticket credits will now carry over year-to-year.

  • Advance Sale: August 15-October 12. $10 for 18 ride tickets. Most rides require 5-6 tickets each.
  • At the Fair or Online: October 13- 22. $1 per ticket at Ride Ticket Plazas, or $18 for 18 tickets online.

Once the Fair begins, ride ticket cards will be available both online, with in-person redemption, and at Ride Ticket Plazas (gate admission not included).

Kids on a ride at a festival
There are plenty of kid-friendly rides!

So, you can see you’ll only get around 3 rides for that price. An unlimited ride pass will be around the same price as 7-8 rides. See all tickets here.

The NC State Fair can get expensive, especially if you have a large family, and if you are traveling from out of town and need accommodation in Raleigh.

Visit on Hunger Relief Day

Each year, the fair designates one day as a food drive day. In 2023, Hunger Relief Day is on Thursday, October 19.

You can gain free admission in exchange for six cans of food. This is a fantastic way to save money on the fair. But, be warned, this will be the busiest day! So far fairgoers have donated over 5.8 million pounds of food to the food bank of central & eastern North Carolina.

Students, Visit on Friday Frenzy!

Friday Frenzy is when students can gain $8 admission tickets with their school identification or recent report card. These tickets are not available online!

Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day is when attendees aged 65+ get free admission to the fair. Starting at 9am, the Fair also serves Bojangles biscuits and coffee! For 2023, Senior Citizens Day will be on Tuesday, October 17.

Military Appreciation Day

The fair will pay tribute to members of the U.S. Military for their service to the country on Wednesday, Oct. 18. See a parade through the grounds at 10am starting in the carnival midway, the parade will make its way through Kiddieland, past the Scott Building and back through the carnival midway. See all special event days here.

Go Early

nc state fair raleigh 1 1
There was hardly anyone there at 10am

We visited for an early opening at 10am – before they opened the rides. This gave us a chance to walk around, have some biscuits for breakfast, get our bearings, and be ready to ride.

We had barely any lines for rides until the crowds poured in around midday. We got most of our rides out of our system by then. We will do anything to avoid crowds. That gave us the remainder of our time to wander around the fairgrounds and experience the other attractions at the fair.

Bring your own water bottle

A young girl standing in front of a fountain
Bring a water bottle, it gets HOT!

We do not encourage purchasing single-use plastic water bottles. It is bad for Mother Earth AND your wallet! Typically, the State Fair experiences the hot and humid weather of summer. It’s important you stay hydrated!

You can bring in your own water bottle. There are two filling stations across from Casey’s Clubhouse and in the grassy area, under the trees, between Kiddieland and the Scott Building.

Plan your day in advance

Two girls and their dad walking through a festival
Yes, you will spend a lot of time on your feet, be smart, and plan your day!

As there are so many things to do at the North Carolina State Fair, including shows, exhibitions, rides, and live music, you will want to carefully plan your day before you arrive.

Check out the daily Fair schedule to see what you are most interested in doing. Plan the non-scheduled events around them.

Be mindful that the further into the day it gets, the longer those ride times will be. That’s why it’s good for you to arrive early, get the rides out of the way with the small lines, and then you can enjoy all the other fun things the fair has to offer.

Top Things to do at the N.C. State Fair

A mini roller coaster at a festival
Endless rides

Your list of top things to do at the N.C. State Fair may be very different to ours. Your careful planning combined with our tips will help you figure that out.

Here are what we found to be some of the top things to do at the State Fair. Please list your favorites in the comments at the bottom!

Enjoy the Rides (and Games)

Mini roller coaster at a festival
Mighty Mouse

Most visitors love the endless ride options from wild mouses and upside-down coasters and stomach turners, to haunted houses, high-flying swings, and spinning vomit inducing rides.

  • Our girls loved the Genesis and the Mighty Mouse Coaster
  • The Wacky Worm was their favorite ride of all
  • Coaster lovers will want to ride the Super Cyclone, Alien Abduction Ring of Fire, and Freebird
  • The Mega Drop will give you thrills and views of the park
nc state fair raleigh 15
Mega Drop
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider Wheel and the Sky Hawk were new in 2021
  • The Air Raid always had a lengthy line but was way too spinny for us!
  • There’s an entire ride zone designated for the kids
  • See the full list of rides here.

New Rides for 2023

New rides for 2023 will be released in early October, and I will update this guide then – stay tuned! In the meantime, share in the comments which ride are you most looking forward to?

Don’t miss the State Fair Flyer

nc state fair raleigh 10
Ride the Flyer!

Remember, your unlimited ride wristband won’t cover the State Fair Flyer – this experience comes at an extra cost. I highly recommend doing it though. It was my favorite thing to do at the State Fair.

I loved riding the slow-moving chair lift for the birds-eye view of the rides spinning, people wandering around, and the omnipresent sounds of people enjoying themselves.

Kids riding a chair lift at a festival
The most relaxing ride

A one-way ticket should suffice for the 10-minute ride. The chairlift moves 1.400 feet across the midway and goes as high as 45 ft in the air.

Ride the State Fair SkyGazer

Mon and her daughter posing for a photo at a State fair
155-foot-tall Ferris Wheel

Time to spin around for another great view of the park. We missed this one but take this as your sign to not make the same mistake.

This 155-foot-tall Ferris Wheel holds more than 200 people and has the title of the largest traveling wheel in the USA. You need to purchase a separate ticket for the SkyGazer!

Indulge in Food at the State Fair in North Carolina

Large donut
The iconic Peachey’s donuts

If you like greasy Southern food and have a spare notch on your belt buckle, you will love overindulging on food at the State Fair. It wasn’t such a huge highlight for us – I have gluten intolerance and we like eating healthy.

Craig and I will never forget our first state fair experience in 2004 and discovering giant turkey legs. We found it hilarious that people walk around eating them. It was a cultural experience, one that we’re still yet to try ourselves even though we love Turkey. Maybe this year!

People lined up for food at a festival
Get your Funnel Cakes!

In my previous teaching career, I remember each year during State Fair time my students avidly recalling their experiences indulging in the State Fair food. Their stories were culturally entertaining to me. It’s how I first learned of funnel cakes!

nc state fair raleigh 13
You have permission to over-indulge!

Other fair favorites are funnel cakes, deep fried Oreos, cotton candy, and cheesy fries and tater tots (now that one I’ll do!) Here are a few classics we recommend:

  • Howling Cow Ice Cream: a local ice cream from NC State. This local institution from the NC State University’s dairy farm has been serving creamy ice cream since the 40s and at the state fair since the 70s. (See our post on Historic Yates Mill County Park to learn where you can indulge in Howling Cow Ice cream on a regular day in Raleigh!)
  • Buttery Biscuits: Craig enjoyed his melt-in-the-mouth ham breakfast biscuit from the First United Methodist Church of Cary, an NC State Fair staple since 1916.
A hand holding up a cheese and bacon biscuit
Bacon & Egg biscuit
  • Peachey’s donuts: High on the list of food to try at the state Fair is the iconic Peachey’s donuts, a mobile bakery that also serves pretzels. Lines may be long, but they churn them out fast so your wait won’t be too long.
  • Neomonde has healthy food with kabobs, pita, and a delicious lamb nachos. They also have gluten free, pumpkin spice cupcakes BUT they were all out when we visited. Boo Hoo!

READ MORE: 50+ Essential places to eat in Raleigh (Neomonde is included!)

New NC State Fair Food for 2023

The most anticipated announcement of the NC State Fair each year is what new food additions will there be. New foods will be released in early October, and I will update this guide then!

Grab a local brew at the NC Public House

Woman holding a cup of beer
Drink local.

Head to the NC Public House in the Dorton Arena for a pint of a local brew. There are dozens of breweries, wineries, cideries and craft soda makers from across North Carolina with a range of styles of their drinks.

Beer+Wine tickets are $10 each, and tickets for craft sodas may be purchased on-site for $5 each. There is a limit of one Beer+Wine ticket per person (= 2 servings), per visit to the NC Public House.

Consider a Kegs & Corks package ticket. For $17 you get 1 FastTrack Gate Admission Ticket plus 1 NC Public House Beer+Wine ticket providing your choice of two 8oz. beer samples or two 3oz. Note: only available online in advance of the Fair and must be purchased by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 12.

There’ll be an exciting array of beers from NC craft breweries, and several brewing education opportunities including ask the brewer!


  • Thursdays: Noon – 10pm
  • Fridays & Saturdays: Noon – 11pm
  • Sundays: Noon 0- 10pm

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Make use of the free activities

nc state fair raleigh 28
Learn how to milk cows

You can save a bit of money by skipping some of the rides, not overindulging on food, and taking advantage of the free activities and events inside the fair.

The NC State Fair has many free events and activities like this for you as well. Be sure to plan your days schedule ahead of time so you don’t miss any of the activities below.

Visit The Got to Be NC Agriculture Pavilion

People at a festival looking at cars
Ag pavilion

For those wanting to learn more about North Carolina’s agricultural community, The Got to Be NC Pavilion is where you want to head.

From local products to farmer spotlights, cooking demonstrations to pop-up competitions you can learn how important NC agriculture is to your everyday life. It will inspire you to support local!

free live music at Homegrown Music Fest

People watching a live music concert
The Waterfall Stage

The N.C. State Fair was the first state fair in the country to highlight local musical acts (began in 2015) Whoop Whoop!

The Homegrown Music Festival features more than 100 daily concerts of local artists. All performances will take place at the Waterfall Stage. We ate lunch while listening to local talent at the Waterfall Stage. This year I’ll devote more time to listening to music. See the full schedule here.

Relax at the Flower and Garden Show

Garden of colorful flowers
Flower and garden show

The Flower & Garden Show area is a true oasis for a long and muggy day. Follow the shady winding pathway through beautiful gardens and artistic plant displays. Demonstrations are held throughout the fair to help you learn how to grow plants!

Family getting their photo taken
Nice spot for a family photo

Climb on the giant Adirondack chair, or pose with our signature mum tree for a classic photo op. There are exotic birds in this area and on weekend nights you can check out the skills of a fire dancer.

Garden with a miniature train running through it
Open daily

The Flower Show is located near the Village of Yesteryear and Heritage Circle. Open daily from 9 a.m. to 9:45 p.m., except Oct. 13 when the exhibit will open at 12 p.m.

Antique (and new) Farm Machinery Exhibit

Antique tractor
NC State branded

Located near the Village of Yesteryear, The Antique Farm Machinery exhibit displays a collection of vintage farm tools ranging from traditional spinning wheels to aged hand reapers. Plus, an old milk bottle display and more than a dozen Allis-Chalmers, Farmall, John Deere and Silver King tractors from the 1930s through the 1950s. Open daily from 9am – 9:45pm

Watch our NC State Fair Video (then keep reading below):

See Giant Pumpkins and Animals at The Expo Center

Giant pumpkins at a fair
Giant pumpkins

One of the highlights each year is to see the incredible produce on display. Check out all the various fruit and vegetable entries, including the largest pumpkin and the largest watermelon in the Expo Center – all hoping to win the “biggest” prize.

There is a photo op site near these giants. One of the most interesting categories is for unusual, shaped vegetables.

Watch a livestock show

Goats in a parade at a fare
View animals

It’s not just the vegetables competing, but animals as well. Goats, calves, and other livestock strut around the arena. You can even milk a cow at the N.C. State University Animal Science Club’s Milking Booth.

You’ll find a buzzing atmosphere at the Bee and Honey competition area. Beekeepers are on hand to talk about beekeeping and the critical role bees play in producing our food. See the livestock show schedule here.

Cows in a yard at a Fare on display
Cows on parade

Milking Demonstrations are held between the Graham Building and Expo Center. Check the daily schedule.

Step Back in Time at the Heritage Circle

An old grist mill
Heritage Circle

Right near the Flower & Garden Show area is the Heritage Circle, a lovely area to have a more chilled State Fair Experience. It’s on the edge of the pond with picturesque scenery, old buildings like a schoolhouse and the Old Grist Mill. Volunteers are on hand to explain how the engine works and helps transform timber into boards.

Anyone interested in crafts of yesteryear will enjoy the different demonstrations throughout the day from the crew maintaining the tobacco farm, to the blacksmiths and wood makers displaying their traditional artisanship.

Row of tractors by a lake
Tractors on display

A popular experience in the Heritage Circle is drinking apple cider and eating hush puppies from the Grist Mill (while touring it). My favorite experience is listening to live music on the Bluegrass stage.

For a unique fair experience, attend the church services on Sunday, 8:30 and 11 a.m. at the Church in Heritage Circle.

We did not stay at the State Fair until late in the evening, but the Tobacco Pavilion has a fire and storytelling at night. This area is meant to have the best views of the fireworks.

Near here is also the Village of Yesteryear, which is a popular thing to do for fair attendees. We did not experience it. But inside the Holshouser Building are more than 75 artists and crafters displaying their skills and selling their homemade crafts.

See the Fireworks

Okay, so we didn’t stick around for the fireworks last visit, we’ve seen plenty all over the world, but if you love them, and have the energy to stay until late, it could be one of the best things to do at the NC State Fair.

The nightly fireworks start at 9:45pm over the large pond. The best place for viewing will be either near gate 8 or Heritage Circle. 

Directions to the NC State Fair

People in front of a game at a state fair
Hot tip: go early!

The physical address of the NC State Fairgrounds is 4285 Trinity Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607. Easily accessible from the I-440 Beltline, I-40, as well as from Blue Ridge Road, Hillsborough Street) and Edwards Mill Road.

From Greensboro, Durham, Chapel Hill, or RDU Airport:

  • I-40 East into Raleigh
  • Exit Wade Avenue, Exit #289
  • Exit Edwards Mill Road
  • Follow signs to State Fair parking

From Fayetteville, Lumberton, South Carolina:

  • I-95 North to I-40 West
  • Exit Wade Avenue, Exit #289
  • Exit Edwards Mill Road
  • Follow signs to State Fair parking

From Wilmington, Jacksonville

  • I-40 West to Raleigh
  • Exit Wade Avenue, Exit #289
  • Exit Edwards Mill Road
  • Follow signs to State Fair parking

From Charlotte, Kannapolis, Salisbury

  • I-85 North to I-40 East to Raleigh
  • Exit Wade Avenue, Exit #289
  • Exit Edwards Mill Road
  • Follow signs to State Fair parking

From Richmond, Petersburg, Virginia

  • I-95 South to I-85 South to US 1 South to Raleigh
  • Take I-440 W Exit towards Sanford
  • Exit Wade Avenue, Exit #4-B
  • Exit Edwards Mill Road
  • Follow signs to State Fair parking.

Getting to the Fair by Train

People ordering lemonade at a festival
Don’t forget to grab a refreshing lemonade.

A special, temporary Amtrak train station is also in operation during the Fair dates. The train stop is located outside Gate 2, just steps away from the fun!

The special train stop is wheelchair accessible. Your inbound trains will be 80 or 72 with outbound on 77 or 79. This allows you to customize your arrival and departure times to maximize your fun. Use Station Code NSF and get your trip booked: www.ncbytrain.org.

Parking at the NC State Fair

Rides and people at a State fare
I repeat, go early!

Dogwood Lot

FREE off-site parking is available at the corner of Edwards Mill and Reedy Creek. With quick access to I-40 via Wade Avenue, this is the easiest lot to access as you make your way to the Fair!

FREE shuttles – drop you off just across from Gate 9 on Trinity Road on the Carter Finley Stadium side of the road. Pick up will occur at the same location. Shuttles will run continuously. Amenities on site will include a covered waiting area, portable restroom facilities and drink machines. Address: 4501 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

Cardinal Lot

FREE off-site parking off Hwy 54/Chapel Hill Road just past I-40 Exit 290 on your way to the fairgrounds.

FREE shuttles – drop you off just across from our new Gate 7 off Youth Center Dr. Pick up will occur at the same location. Shuttles will run continuously. Amenities on site will include a covered waiting area, portable restroom facilities and drink machines. Address: 5766 Chapel Hill Road Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

Carter-Finley Football Stadium, PNC Arena & State Fair Property

Aerial photo of a college football stadium and indoor ice hockey arena
Carter-Finley & PNC Arena are close by!

Free parking is available on State Fair, Carter-Finley Football Stadium and PNC Arena properties. Fairgoers are encouraged to take Wade Avenue to the Edwards Mill Extension to park in these lots. There may be exceptions if events are scheduled at Carter-Finley or PNC Arena.

NOTE: Recreational vehicles are not allowed to remain in the parking spaces managed by the State Fair between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m.

Neighboring Private Lots

During the Fair, neighboring residents frequently convert parts of their property to small parking lots for a varying fee. Keep in mind that this is not controlled by the NC State Fair. Use your own discretion!

Hotels near the N.C. State Fairgrounds

A tall building in a city
Residence Inn, Downtown Raleigh

If it were me traveling to the State Fair and staying longer than just my day at the fair, I’d stay somewhere near downtown Raleigh and catch a ride into the Fair. 

That way you are closer to more things to do in Raleigh and great places to eat and stay. 

There isn’t a lot to do in the area where the fairgrounds are located. We love the Residence Inn Downtown Raleigh, especially for families. We also love the forest serenity of the StateView Hotel.

Hotel on the lakes edge surrounded by forest
Stateview Hotel

Here are a couple of options closer to the fairgrounds:

Camping at the State Fair

Reservations for the NC State Fair campground are available 180-days out. Do not just pull into a campsite prior to having a reservation secured. Note: cash is no longer accepted for your camping stay. Payment must be made by credit card.

The address is 801 Youth Center Drive. Learn more about the campground facilities, rules and what you can expect. And reserve your camping spot online.

More Raleigh accommodation options:

FAQs about the Fair

How Accessible Is The State Fair?

The North Carolina State Fair has implemented programs and policies for inclusivity so all can enjoy the fun on offer. They have a variety of services each day and in 2022, they have an accessABILITY day. Stay updated for 2022 accessible events.

What Can You Bring Into The State Fair?

Last year, they made a rule to only allow clear bags. Can you imagine how annoyed I was that so many people were inside the fair with normal non-clear backpacks on, and I left mine at home!

So, I don’t know what happened there and who was dropping the ball, but if you’re going to make a policy stick with it. If I were you, I’d get yourself a clear bag, and only use that.

Where Can I Park?

Free parking is available on State Fair, Carter-Finley Football Stadium and PNC Arena properties.

Surrounding the fair will be private parking lots with expensive parking fees. As we arrived early, we were able to find a free parking space in some of the backstreets opposite the fair.

The N.C. State Fair offers FREE off-site parking at the corner of Edwards Mill and Reedy Creek. With quick access to I-40 via Wade Avenue, this is the easiest lot to access. From here there are FREE shuttles to Gate 8 on Trinity Road and pick up will occur at the same.

Is there public transport to the fair?

Yes. A special Amtrak train station is in operation during the Fair. The train stop is located outside Gate 2, just steps away from the fun!

This train stop is wheelchair accessible. Your inbound trains will be 80 or 72 with outbound on 77 or 79. This allows you to customize your arrival and departure times to maximize your fun. Use Station Code NSF and get your trip booked: www.ncbytrain.org.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to State Fair in North Carolina. If you have any questions, or suggestions of your own, please leave a comment down below!

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