EP 14: Things to do with Kids in Raleigh

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It’s hard to find things to do that are fun for both kids and parents in Raleigh. There aren’t the big name attractions you may find in big cities like New York City and Orlando.

It forces you to look outside the norm and return to simple.

We’ve been there (and yes, we’ve heard complaining), but we’ve come up with a list of things to do in Raleigh that both children and parents will enjoy.

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Now that we have a teenager, things are a little more challenging, as teens tend to grumble about EVERYTHING and lose their interest in everything but staying in their room, listening to music, and chatting to friends!

Not all of that is bad mind you, but we still love to get out and experience LIFE and this amazing city with our daughters. If you have a teen, please leave us your tips and suggestions in the comments. It takes a village to raise a child!!

What we talk about

  • Why it’s important that kids get bored and figure their way out of it
  • How to look at your explorations from a different angle
  • Why nature is so valuable to all of us and the “nature effect”
  • Best amusement parks
  • The escape room where screams could be heard!
  • Fun trampoline parks to bounce around
  • The amazing Raleigh museums scene
  • Awesome hiking and biking and ziplining trails we love
  • Where to get your donuts, frozen and treats
  • Family friendly restaurants and breweries we love.
  • Trampoline parks, donuts, escape rooms, kid-friendly restaurants & breweries,
  • Don’t forget all the fun festivals in Raleigh the kids will love!

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COMMENT: What are your favorite things to do with kids in Raleigh? We especially would LOVE your teen tips!

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