Go Ape Raleigh – Fun Treetops Adventure For All The Family!

Both our kids are adventurous, so for our 9 year old’s recent birthday when we were searching up Raleigh attractions for kids, she chose Go Ape Raleigh as her birthday activity! 

people posing for the camera in rock climbing gear
Ready for adventure!

We’ve previously done ziplines and tree top adventure parks in Fayetteville, Knoxville, Montana, and several places in Australia and we always have a ton of fun, and if you live in Raleigh with kids, check this place out.

Go Ape is located near Falls Lake and just a 25 minute drive from our home in Raleigh, and getting out in nature is one family activity we love most, especially in this crazy year of 2020 and even though it was our 9 year old’s choice, we all jumped at the chance to get among the trees! 

Go Ape Raleigh adventure course
Go Ape Raleigh

At Go Ape you can take on various tree top obstacle courses and ziplines, depending upon your age and your comfort level for adventure (and heights). 

Their courses are created to deliver adventure, fun, and a sense of accomplishment and perfect for families, groups of friends, and companies looking for team building!


Go Ape Raleigh NC
Treetop Journey course

Because she was turning 9, our daughter just missed the 10 year minimum age cut-off limit for the Treetop Adventure course (see details down below), so we took on the Treetop Journey course!

Featuring 20+ obstacles and two zip lines, on this course we thoroughly enjoyed navigating suspended bridges, obstacles and zip lines and our time was filled with laughter and adventure as we immersed ourselves in the trees and nature for one hour.

people on a zip line course
Swinging bridge

This high-ropes course turned out to be perfect for what she was looking for, and if your kids haven’t done ziplining before or treetops adventure courses, this is a great introduction level.

Before starting, the safety instructors fitted us out in our harnesses and reviewed the equipment. 

Don’t worry, you are connected to the safety line the whole time you are on the course in the trees and there is no way of falling to the ground!

person on a zip line course

The Treetop Journey course is split in 2-3 loops that increase in difficulty, and you access the loops by climbing a set of stairs up into the trees.

It didn’t take us long to get the hang of it and have fun navigating the aerial bridges, nets and planks. 

The loops end with a zip line that takes you back to the forest floor. How cool are ziplines, like flying for us humans, it’s so exhilarating. 

Zipline Raleigh at Go Ape
zip line fun

Then you can repeat any loops you want within your 1-hour time limit. 

person climbing through rope

Once we went through our first round, our instructors suggested we make it more challenging by closing our eyes or going backwards – are kids loved that excitement and challenge! 

  • Min Age: None
  • Min Height: 3 ft 3 in
  • Max Weight: 285 lbs


Go Ape, Raleigh, NC

This is the original treetop adventure and the bigger course higher up in the canopy with super long zip lines and Tarzan swings – minimum age 10 years!

Allow 2-3 hours for this adventure course that starts with a safety briefing, then a rope ladder or stairs up into the trees where you connect to the course!

On the Treetop Adventure course you navigate wobbly bridges, traverse tricky crossings and take on their unique free drop Tarzan swings.

If you’re looking for zipline Raleigh experiences, this is the course for you!

I know our 9 year old can’t wait to revisit Go Ape once she is 10 and take this course on!

  • Min Age: 10 years
  • Min Height: 4 ft 7 in
  • Max Weight: 285 lbs

These types of adventure courses make for a great family building experience, and of course we can all do with more nature in our lives And it’s so cool to get a new perspective of the trees from up in their canopy!

Go Ape, Raleigh, NC
Our kids loved it

The staff is skilled, friendly, attentive and helpful. 

We felt safe the whole time we were on the courses, and even if you fear heights like us, just know that this is safe and a fun way to overcome those fears!

It’s also a nice little upper body workout. You might be a touch sore the next day, but I wish I could do a nature workout like this weekly – I much prefer outdoor activities than indoor!

And if you go in the warmer months like us, the other cool thing is it’s shaded the whole time!

There is plenty of staff walking around the different stations if you need help or feel stuck.

These courses are such a fun way to explore nature and the tree canopy from a unique perspective.

If you and your kids love nature, put Go Ape Raleigh on your list of family things to do in Raleigh!

Watch our Video of Go Ape

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What to Bring, Wear & Know

person on a zip line course
  • Do check the weather before you book
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty.
  • Shoes – closed toe, closed heel, and flat shoes that don’t fall off your feet.
  • Tie long hair back, preferably low.
  • Remove jewelry, accessories, and body piercings. If they cannot be removed, tape over them.
  • Full finger gloves required to provide better grip and protect your hands – they sell them or bring your own.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork and visit the restroom.
  • You may take cameras, phones, or any other device on the course as long as they are secured.
  • Water is available on the course, but you may also bring a water bottle if it can be attached with a carabiner to your harness.
  • Face coverings are also required.

Note: Go Ape have a COVID-19 page for additional requirements during this crazy time.

All you have to do now is head out to Go Ape Raleigh NC and have fun!

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