EP 11: 20 Reasons NOT to live in Raleigh

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We’ve been singing Raleigh’s praises since 2004 and have often called it America’s best kept secret. We love living in Raleigh for many reasons – and after living in 5 countries and traveling to over 50, we feel confident in saying it’s a cool place to live.

But, we KNOW it’s not for everyone. No place is perfect and we all have different values, priorities, likes and dislikes. While everyone is melting beside me and complaining about the sweltering Raleigh heat, I’m standing there saying, “Oh it doesn’t’ feel that hot to me.”

Hot and humid suits my style.

While we see Raleigh through magical eyes – and hope to inspire you to see it in the same way, we hear the grumblings and complaints from people who don’t like it so much. (To be honest, we’ve personally rarely ever met someone who has said they don’t like living here. But, you know there are Facebook groups out there telling a different story!!)

So we thought we do a fun podcast episode sharing why you may not LOVE living in Raleigh and perhaps save you a disastrous decision by moving here if it does not check your non-negotiable lists on livability!

Keep searching – you’ll find your happy place. First step is getting clear on what you do and don’t want.

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What we talk about:

  • Not on the beach. If you come from Florida or California this might be disappointing but a quick look on the map will let you know that before you move!
  • Not enough diversity in the food scene: Has exploded and continues to gain in prominence compared to other Southern foodie cities like Charleston, Nashville, and Atlanta.
  • Humidity makes summers too uncomfortable.
  • The Pollen is a Pain in the Sinuses!
  • Hurricane season can feel a little intimidating.
  • Bugs….mozzies…. and flying roaches
  • Copperheads…..most common venomous snakes in North Carolina. 
  • Not a ton of big tourist attractions in a smaller city
  • Moves too slow in customer service. Definitely not New York style in Raleigh!
  • Competitive real estate market 
  • Too many trees. (Strangest complaint heard ever!!)
  • Only 1 Pro sport team, but college sports is pretty good!
  • No street lights
  • Too much traffic lol….it’s all perspective!  (Stop moving here and it will ease off!!)

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For those who may prefer watching a video of us podcasting, we filmed that for you too, which you’ll find on YouTube each week.

Comment: What don’t you like about living in Raleigh? Or, if you are thinking of moving here, what are you most worried about?

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    1. Yes Patty, of course. We love the Hurricanes and were living here in 2006 when they won the Stanley Cup. That is a typo in the show notes and has been fixed, and I’m sure on the actual podcast chat we mentioned the Hurricanes. If I did not, that is a massive blunder on me 🙂

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