Ep 12: Our Experiences Buying a house in Raleigh

Nerve-wracking. Frustrating. Limited.

Three words to describe our experiences buying a house in Raleigh. But, it’s been a dream of ours since we first arrived in Raleigh in 2004 and felt like we arrived home, so we were determined to make it happen.

buying a house in raleigh podcast

As Australians with limited permanent resident opportunities, it was quite the arduous 17 year journey to this point.

Dreams can happen. Don’t worry if they take so long, because what you’ll discover along the way is a journey full of twists and turns that is worth savoring.

Allow us to share the experience with you on this week’s episode of the This is Raleigh podcast.

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Video Podcast

For those who may prefer watching a video of us podcasting, we filmed that for you too, which you’ll find on YouTube each week.

What we talk about

  • Our journey to here
  • Why we decided to buy a house now in this crazy market
  • The state of the Raleigh house buying market
  • What we were looking for: Must-haves vs Dream List
  • The insanity of Due Diligence
  • How we organized financing
  • How we chose a realtor (probably the hardest thing!!)
  • Tips for buying during this high seller’s market
  • The homes we bid on and lost
  • The home we ended up buying
  • All the feelings throughout the entire process

RAleigh REaltoR

UPDATE: Since buying a house, Caroline has become a Licensed Realtor and referral agent.

Are you looking to buy or sell a home and are in needed of a real estate agent?

As a Licensed Realtor and referral agent, I can save you the time and stress searching and vetting, and connect you to my team of trusted Realtor partners. Click here for more information and to get started.

What other questions do you have about buying a house in Raleigh?

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