Enchanting Evenings: Raleigh’s Candlelight Concerts Illuminate Date Nights

Looking for a unique and romantic way to spend your evenings with your partner in Raleigh? Look no further than the enchanting Candlelight concerts by Fever.

You’ll be able to enjoy some of the best musicians in the city while basking in the glow of flickering candlelight.

quartet playing on stage surrounded by candelight
Candlelight concert in London

Held in some of Raleigh’s most picturesque venues, these concerts offer a romantic and immersive musical experience, making them the perfect setting for a memorable date night. It’s a great way to disconnect from the outside world and make time for each other.

In this post, I’ll sharing why Raleigh Candlelight Concerts are an ideal date night activity, what they are, and some of the upcoming concerts that you won’t want to miss. (Most of the photos in this post come from Fever and are from candlelight concerts from around the world! Something to consider if you’re traveling!)

Date Night for the Swifties: My Mother Daughter Candelight Concert Experience

mom and daughter on candlelight concert date night

Candlelight Concerts are not just the perfect date night for lovers either. It’s perfect for a date night in Raleigh with your child, or a best friend.

I took my eldest daughter Kalyra to the Tribute to Taylor Swift Candlelight concert in the historic Merrimom-Wynne House. We had a wonderful evening together, and when it was over my teen turned to me broadly grinning and said, “That was really good.” Especially since we got to hear some of her favorites: All too Well and Enchanted. (For me it was Lover and Lavender Haze.)

You heard it Raleigh, if a teen approves, you know you it’s something special! What I loved seeing on our evening was the diversity of people attending from couples on a date night, to groups of girlfriends, and whole families.

What are the Candelight Concerts? what music do they play?

string quartet on stage surrounded by candles
A string quartet

Candlelight Concerts are a delightful fusion of live classical music and the warm, flickering glow of candlelight.

The events showcase local talented string quartet musicians performing masterpieces by renowned composers, or modern musical legends creating an intimate and magical atmosphere.

What I love most about the candlelight concerts is that the string quartet performs timeless classics from artists we love and adore in our modern world. There’s nothing wrong than hearing the legendary works of Mozart or Beethoven, but it’s so normal with a string quartet or orchestra.

What makes these concerts unique and the prefect date night experience, is you get to hear your current favorite songs in a different way – through the uplifting sounds of a violine, viola and cello.

cello surrounded by candles

With the absence of words, I loved being able to tune into the musicality of each piece. I walked away from the concert saying to Kalyra, listening to the music tonight only further proved the musical genius of Taylor Swift.

That’s a different kind of soul stirring for Lover, I Will Fix You, Next to Me, All apologies, Hello and Love of my Life. That sentence alone will let music lovers know the kind of artists the string quartet plays tribute to.

It changes each month, some favorites continue to return, and new tribute artists are added all the time, so keep an eye out.

The tribute artists upcoming for the next couple of months in Raleigh include:

Local string quartet, Lyricosa String Quartet are the artists for the candlelight concerts in Raleigh. For the evening program, they generally play around 13 of the artist’s most popular and iconic songs. We got a bonus song at our Taylor Swift tribute after the audience’s standing ovation!

There are usually two shows for each candlelight concert. Usually around 6:30 and 8:30/9pm.

Note: The candles are fake! Obviously, the risk is pretty high to have hundreds of real candles lit AND can you imagine being the candle lighter? While nothing beats the soft flickering glow of real candles, the fake ones still provide that perfect romantic ambiance you’re hoping for.

The Candlelight Concert Experience

string quartet playing on small stage surrounded by candles
Tribute to Taylor Swift

You purchase tickets for a particular seating zone at each venue, but not a particular seat. It is recommended you arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the show, so you can claim your perfect seat. However, doors open 60 minutes before the performance starts.

Don’t be late as they say they won’t let you in, due to respect for the artists and those already seated listening. As it’s not a rock concert, but a more intimate, could-hear-a-pin-drop experience, latecomers will disturb and distract.

All Raleigh venues have bars that serve drinks and snack, so arrive with plenty of time to get your drinks before the concert. The quartet plays for 60 minutes without any breaks.

When you purchase your tickets, you will see a suggested set list, which was followed on our evening. The quartet will play sets of two to three songs. Before each set, one of the members will stand and tell you a little information about each song coming in the next set which I really appreciated.

two women playing violins

Photos and videos are not allowed during the performance until the last set. As a content creator, it’s rare I can completely shut off to an experience and just enjoy it without looking through my phone camera. So I LOVED this rule and happily followed it.

If you’re on a date night with that important person in your life, you will love being fully present for each other and the music.

For the last set, they will let you know it’s recording time – and yes, everyone whipped out their phones, because of COURSE, you want to capture a bit of Tay Tay under candlelight.

They also invited us all to sing to the final set songs. Don’t every try and stop a Swfitie from singing Shake it Off! From all the smiling faces, you could tell this was the perfect way to end a magical evening! (You can see more on my reel here)

The audience all stood for an ovation at the end with completely delighted faces. Now it’s up to you how you want to continue that date night (see suggestions below)! As it was 10pm on a school night, Kalyra and I went straight home!

Candlelight Tickets

violin surrounded by candles

There are different leveled tickets you can purchase form standing room to front row. For the Merrimom-Wynne House venue that we experienced, seats wrapped around a slightly elevated stage. As the venue is quite small, all seats had pretty good views.

For the other two venues, I think it’s more stage at the front with seats in rows facing the stage, so better seats will be at the front.

If this is your ultimate date night experience, then front row seat will only enhance the experience.

All guests must be 8 years old or older to attend. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Where are the candlelight Concerts in Raleigh held?

concert by candelight

Another reason, these candlelight concerts are a great date night experience in Raleigh as they are held in iconic and stunning venues across the city.

I’ve always wanted to experience the beauty of the historic Merrimom-Wynne house in Historic Oakwood, so was thrilled to attend our Taylor Swift tribute at this venue.

The series rotates through different venues, each chosen to enhance the overall experience, allowing attendees to enjoy the diverse architectural and acoustic qualities of each space.

All venues in Raleigh are accessible and ADA compliant.

Currently the Candlelight concert venues in Raleigh include:

Merrimom-Wynne House, Historic Oakwood

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Merrimom-Wynne House exudes Southern charm and elegance. It has undergone extensive renovations and restorations to maintain the integrity of its 1876 original character.

It’s a blend of Italianate and Eastlake architectural styles with distinctive features such as a wraparound porch, high ceilings, large windows and intricate detailing.

The candlelight concerts are held in the carriage house, which boasts grande chandeliers, exposed beams and rolling glass doors that open to the pergola and lawn. (They were closed for our concert, due to weather and probably for better ambiance)

The Historic Wakefield Barn, Wake Forest

Perched on 11.5 acres, this century-old three-story dairy barn exudes a timeless charm, featuring towering silos that add to its grandeur. With dramatic arched ceilings, whitewashed shiplap, and meticulously restored stable spaces, the Wakefield Barn offers a historic splendor that is both rustic and elegant.

The barn sets the stage for candlelight concerts, creating an enchanting ambiance that complements the rich history of this magnificent space. The candlelight concerts are held in the Main Hall on the second floor of the barn.

All Saints Chapel, Historic Oakwood

Leave behind the city skyscrapers to Step into the world of 1875, at the historic Gothic Revival All Saints Chapel in Historic Oakwood.

It’s already romantic with its original heart pine wood beams and floorboards and light coming from the 19th Century-stained glass windows. It’s a unique and elegant venue for the candlelight concerts.

Ideas to Extend the Date Night Experience

Don’t make it just a one-and-done date night experience. Extend it by doing something extra either before or after your show (depending on the time).

We have a few options for each venue location ranging from the more intimate dinner or cocktail experience to something a little more casual.

Historic Oakwood

woman sitting at a table smiling at the camera while holding a glass of wine
Crawford & Son

If attending a candlelight concert at the Merrimom-Wynne House or All Saints Chapel, consider the following ideas for adding in extra romance (or just good times)

  • Cocktails at William and Co – we love the intimate feel of this cozy neighborhood bar and their fantastic cocktails.
  • Dinner at Jolie or Crawford and Son – French rooftop romance or a casual-yet-elegant neighborhood eatery. Either way, you have a James Beard recognized chef taking care of you!
  • Oakwood Pizza: If attending the candlelight concert with your family, pop into Oakwood Pizza for a yummy casual family dinner.
  • Standard Beer & Food, Pelagic Beer and Wine, or Gringo a Go Go are great options for a more casual date experience for newly-dating couples or a group of friends.

Click here for more ideas in our guide to North Person St

Wake Forest

People sitting on a rooftop patio overlooking a street festival below.
Unwined on White

If attending a candlelight concert at Wakefield Barn, your closest area to enjoy dinner and/or a drink will be Wake Forest.

  • Unwind on White is the spot for glass of boutique wine and a rooftop patio with views of White St.
  • Bodega Tapas, Wine, and Rum is a local’s favorite for date night with a European flair.
  • Over the Falls for casual pub grub style food that’s delicious and healthy in size. Perfect for families or groups of friends.

Find more ideas in our guide to downtown Wake Forest

In summary: The Romance is Alive with Candlelight Concerts

So, if you’re looking to kindle the flames of passion and create a truly unforgettable date night experience, look no further than the magical melodies of candlelight concerts in Raleigh.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the music, the ambiance, and the undeniable romance of these captivating performances. The relaxed atmosphere that lets you focus on each other while you the sweet melodies of some of your favorite modern artists.

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