Podcast 42: Well Centered Wellness with Dr Allison Peters

“​Our world has become truly toxic and it is up to each and every one of us to empty the bucket of our body faster than it is filled”

We are grateful to have today’s guest, Dr. Allison Peters from Well Centered Wellness on our podcast! We’ve had many people ask us to share more about wellness in the Triangle area, and we couldn’t think of a better person to kick start this new path.

Dr. Allison has been our number one wellness therapist for our family for the past three years. I found her via a Google search at the end of 2019 after returning home from our 11 month RV trip across the USA.

I needed help. My health was a MESS – adrenal fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and just feeling like my body was breaking down. Dr. Allison ran a series of tests that returned insights into what was going on inside my body.

I was astounded that through these tests, she could see that I had experienced “Lyme disease” I put it in quotations because for me it was called “tick bite fever” – the African version of this insidious condition that creates long term issues.

That was the beginning of our family’s journey with Dr. Allison, who has incredible knowledge and experience in different healing modalities.

We all have monthly chiropractic adjustments, as well as frequency healing and her latest treatment technology, the HOCATT that is used (daily) by many professional athletes around the world.

This podcast episode has a wealth of insights and practical tips to help you on your wellness journey. See below for more about Dr Allison, and a summary of what we spoke about.

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About Dr Allison Peters

Dr. Allison Puja Peters, DC runs Well Centered Wellness in Apex with her husband John Peters.

They have both been long-time students of human potential. Dr. Allison has spent the last 17 years in practice as a nutrition-based chiropractic physician specializing in functional nutrition, amputation and traumatic brain injury recovery and human potential neurological optimization. 

Dr. Peters unique adjusting style integrates manual adjusting, Torque Release Technique, Thomson Drop, MC2, Cellular Detoxification, Clinical Herbology, functional diagnostic testing and Applied Kinesiology.

With Dr Allison, you are never a number. She discerns what is most beneficial to you each visit and what is most needed by your individual cells. Her belief is “we get well, when we heal the cells!”

What We Discussed

  • Dr. Allison’s journey into wellness, which started with many traumas as a young child, including a motorbike accident when she was five that lead to the loss of her foot, and rheumatoid arthritis at eight.
  • Her philosophy on what wellness is and the importance of emptying our toxic buckets and refilling them with the healing our cells need.
  • Some simple tips for FREE medicine.
  • Why we need to align with the circadian rhythm of the earth.
  • The importance of optimizing your body for wellness and using experts to help you.
  • Why you need chiropractic adjustments and the frequency with which you should have them
  • The amazing new technology at her wellness center – the HOCATT. We discuss what it is, how it works, the benefits your body receives from this therapy that combines several healing modalities in one, and why many professional athletes make it their daily habit.
  • The incredible benefits of “brain tapping” and how you can reboot your brain with a 22 minute vacation (get yours via the link below)


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