EP08: Breweries in Raleigh we Keep Returning to

Breweries in Raleigh t

We can’t do a Raleigh podcast without talking about our favorite Raleigh breweries. The beer scene has exploded in recent years, and if you love a craft brew, this is the episode for you.

We’ve been to Asheville, Portland, Washington State, San Diego, and Denver. Raleigh has just as good craft beer as any of them! As Australians we thought American beer consisted of Budweiser, Coors, and Miller.

Now we know better. You cannot beat an American craft beer and you’ll find any style you like all over Wake County and beyond! There are now at least 41 breweries in Raleigh area and it seems more popping up each week, not to mention the many breweries in downtown Raleigh alone.

We have yet to visit all of these breweries. We keep getting sidetracked returning to the ones we love. We’re sharing those ones in this episode.

We’d love for you to share with us in the comments what your favorite Raleigh breweries are and why AND what beer you like there. Also let us know if you’ve found a brewery in Raleigh with good live music or something else that makes it special.

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What we talk about

  • The BOOMING Raleigh craft brew scene and why we rate it as one of the best in the country (we’ve been too a lot of breweries across the USA)
  • What we love most in a brewery
  • The absence of good cider and gluten free beer (+ a shout out to those who do!)
  • Our favorite event in Raleigh (years ago) The Beerfest!
  • The breweries we love and the beer that makes them great.

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