Ep 13: Raleigh Vs Australia (the quirky, strange, and fun)

Spiders, fences, discovering Cheerwine, and we don’t cook “shrimp” on the Barbie!

There are some major differences between living in Raleigh and living in Australia, and today we talk about some of the more notable ones.

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While Australians and Americans have a LOT in common, you’d also be surprised at how very different we are as well.

In this podcast we share the funny and interesting cultural differences between life in Raleigh and our home country of Australia. We think you’ll get a few laughs out of this one. Enjoy! and share it with a MATE – Aussie style!

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And as we mentioned in the podcast, you can’t like everything! It’s okay to be different. Our open-minded travel motto has always been

“It’s not better or worse, it’s just different! The differences are what we can be curious about, learn from, and celebrate rather than fear, judge or ridicule.”

We find these differences spice up our life and give us stories to tell!





what we talk about

  • America’s obsession with AC and the weird lack of screen
  • Australia’s colorful and unique slang
  • Our relaxed easy going nature and sense of humor
  • How America’s curious nature makes them so friendly
  • That one time Australia lost a Prime Minister
  • Of course, everything wants to kill you in Australia – spiders as big as dinner plates falling on your face at 2am; snakes so thick it looks like they’ve swallowed a pony, and punching kangaroos.
  • Roundabouts vs right turns on red
  • The joy of American conveniences

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video podcast

For those who may prefer watching a video of us podcasting, we filmed that for you too, which you’ll find on YouTube each week.

Do you have any other curiosities about Australia? Things you find funny or downright weird?

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