Podcast 27: Wake County Schools (which school is best for your kid?

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Ok parents, if you have up and coming school aged kids, or you have kids already in school but are looking for other options, or you are moving to Raleigh in the future, in this episode we chat with Libby Taylor from SchoolUp Wake who is an expert on all things Wake County Schools.

We chatted about public schools, magnet schools, charter schools, private schools and much more. Libby has her own business consulting to families on how to pick the right school for your kids, and she shared some great insights and information.

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what we talked about:

  • Do Wake County Schools rank highly?
  • How do you find out your base school?
  • How do you enroll in your base school? Any deadlines?
  • Do they have open houses, virtual information sessions?
  • Year round vs. Traditional calendar
  • How do I find out what calendar my base school is on?
  • What is a capped school?
  • How do I know if my base school is capped?
  • What are overflow schools?
  • How do you know what overflow school you would be assigned?
  • Can you get on a waiting list at a capped school?
  • What is a Magnet school?
  • Do they offer different curriculum & focus to public schools? 
  • Who can go to a magnet school?
  • What is a Charter school?
  • Who can attend a charter school?
  • Do they follow same rules as public?
  • Do they take state mandated tests?
  • How do I enroll, what is the application process?
  • Can my child enroll if the charter school is not located in the district where I live?
  • What is the main difference between private & public schools?
  • 1-2 top reasons parents choose a private school?
  • Do costs vary? 
  • Typical application process?
  • How to start the school research process
  • What resources are available online to compare schools?
  • School report cards
  • How can parents work with Libby to choose a school?

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