Podcast 35: Marcus Ginyard, former UNC Basketball Captain

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Marcus Ginyard is a former UNC Basketball captain and member of their 2009 National Championship winning team, he also played professionally in Europe for 10 years, and is now working with a company in Raleigh.

In this episode Marcus shares amazing insights and stories from his youth, his time attending and playing for UNC, what is was like playing in Europe, the influence of Roy Williams and his parents on his life, why he thinks Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke is NOT the toughest place to play, his new career in real estate and much more…

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What We Talked About:

  • Meeting Marcus in 2008 at a UNC fans day
  • Where he grew up and went to high school, when he started playing basketball
  • Impact of his older brother as his assistant coach in high school
  • When he knew he wanted to play at UNC, and how he got recruited
  • Other schools he was interested in playing for
  • Why he chose UNC and his thought process
  • What it was like playing at UNC
  • Coach Roy Willams’s influence on his game, and how he still supports him through life
  • What Roy is like as a person away from the game
  • College life away from the basketball court
  • How he dealt with the pressure of being a student athlete plus studying, and the support system in place at UNC
  • How they prepared for a game
  • The transition from high school to college basketball
  • Impact and influence and support of his parents in his success
  • Listening to his intuition, and why he practices meditation
  • Why it’s important to make your bed everyday (even in a hotel room)
  • What it was like captaining the team (and the challenge of 2010 season)
  • What he learnt about himself through his injuries
  • Winning the defensive player of the year and all ACC defensive team
  • The toughest player he had to guard in college
  • The experience of playing in Europe
  • Favorite country he lived in Europe
  • Travel experiences in Europe
  • Difference between Europe and USA basketball
  • Dealing with the business side of basketball
  • Difference between pro and college basketball
  • The most transformative experience he had in his life
  • How he disconnects and stays grounded
  • His travel tip for getting from Raleigh to France
  • What he is doing now in business and life
  • His biggest challenge coming back to the USA
  • What he loves about being back in the Triangle region
  • What makes the Carolina family special
  • Living with Danny Green on campus
  • Our frat party experience
  • Why Cameron Indoor is NOT the toughest place to play!
  • The famous Danny Green dunk at Duke
  • Where he was during this years epic Final 4 vs Duke
  • Where he takes friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner in The Triangle
  • What he thinks about Australia


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