Living in Raleigh

Advice from locals on living. The best neighborhoods to live in, the best towns, tips on moving to Raleigh, the best things to do in Raleigh as a local, facts about Raleigh, and much more!

School teacher and school bus

How to Navigate the Wake County Public Schools System in Raleigh

If you are confused about the Wake County Public Schools System, we are grateful to ...
North Hills home

12 Great Places To Live in Raleigh For Families

If you’re thinking of moving to Raleigh with kids and are wondering what are some ...
Women owned businesses in Raleigh

14 Women-Owned Businesses Telling Great Stories in Downtown Raleigh

We all know Raleigh and the Triangle are making a lot of “best of lists" ...
Exploring downtown Raleigh

15 Reasons NOT To Live In Raleigh

We like to keep things real around here so you have realistic expectations and knowledge, ...
family walking through a park

EP 11: 20 Reasons NOT to live in Raleigh

We’ve been singing Raleigh’s praises since 2004 and have often called it America's best kept ...
Smiling couple looking at each other.

He Said, She Said: Our favorite Raleigh spots

Caroline & Craig Ok guys, whilst Caroline and I have similar tastes when it comes ...

45 Interesting Facts About Raleigh, NC (and most frequently asked questions)

Since first moving to Raleigh, NC, in 2004 and starting this website in April 2020, ...
A family of four taking pictures in Raleigh

34 Reasons We Love Living in Raleigh, NC (America’s best kept secret)

Why do we love living in Raleigh, NC? And how did this Australian family end ...
Best neighborhoods in Raleigh

10 Neighborhoods in Raleigh to Call Home (inside the beltline)

Thinking of moving to Raleigh? As a couple who have lived in 5 countries and ...
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