Local Brand Ambassador Opportunity

Your business represents the unique local perspective residents of Raleigh, or visitors, want to experience.

We know how to craft a personable story in a way that resonates and includes your unique selling points.

That’s a strong brand partnership that can benefit you, us, and our community. It’s strength lies most in a partnership built on trust and longevity via consistent messaging.

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Consider us your local ambassadors. The personable and trusted voice that can represent your business offerings in a relatable and fun way to our highly engaged community.

Most of our followers know and believe that “if Caz and Craig give it a thumbs up, then it must be good.”

Our ambassador partnerships are with those businesses and brands we can confidently give a double thumbs up to!

Long-term partnerships make better sense and better ROI.

We’ve had long-term relationships with companies such as Allianz Travel (5 years), Globus Journeys, Ford, Canon, Visit Florida, Visit Idaho, Garnier, and Tourism Queensland (2 years). These brands have had repeated, long-term exposure across our global channels and community. Many have called us the “gift that keeps on giving” and Tourism Queensland is still asking us to return home, five years later!”

Our long-term partnerships have involved creating sponsored content via our channels; being present at events; representing the brand as featured experts in traditional media; speaking at conferences sponsored by the brand; and featuring in the brand’s own marketing materials, including print and online advertising and TV commercials.

Our ambassador sponsorships are always front of mind and regularly featured.

The Opportunity

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We’re looking to partner with a few select businesses in Raleigh we naturally love and trust, to share their businesses and offerings to our blog, email, and social media audiences on a more consistent basis.

Our partnerships typically run monthly. Within that desired time frame, we will promote your business in a variety of ways, depending on what best suits your marketing needs.

You may have a special promotion or product launching, so that month, we’ll be on hand to help you promote it. You may just want repeated exposure through our channels so our followers get to know your brand, and have you front of mind for their purchasing or “experiencing” decisions.

Content Ideas

We are expert content creators. We’re flexible with what we can package together for our ambassador partnerships. We want to know your goals and key messaging and then work together to see how we can best deliver content to our community that aligns best with that.

Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Instagram feed updates
  • Short form video (Reels, Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts, Pin Ideas)
  • Long form video (IGTV, YouTube)
  • Go live on Instagram at your business
  • Instagram takeovers on your account/ or you take over ours
  • Blog post feature
  • Email newsletter feature
  • Podcast mention of a product, or interview a staff member
  • Drone photos/video – we are licensed and insured
  • Conduct/promote collaborative giveaways
  • Wear your merch in select photos we share on social media
  • Event meetups
  • Event attendance (with content creation)
  • Speak at your events

We could highlight YOUR

  • Featured product/item of the month
  • New seasonal offerings
  • Events or promotions
  • Memberships/rewards programs you have

Ambassadorship Packages

We can custom tailor a package to suit your needs depending upon the types of media you want created and the frequency of them.

Packages start from $500 a month.

Discounts given for 12 month partnership agreements with a 20% discount off extra services not included in the ambassadorship agreement.

All brand partners will be recognized on our Partner Ambassador page with logo, short promotional blurb and link to website.

Sample Packages

The following are just sample packages to give you an idea of what is possible and relevant investments. Deliverables are per month.


$ 499 .00
  • 1 x Instagram Reel
  • 4 x Story frame with swipe up


$ 799 .00
  • 1 x Instagram Reel
  • 4 x Story frame with swipe up
  • Event Promotion via blog and newsletter


$ 999 .00
  • 1 x Instagram Reel
  • 4 x Story frame with swipe up
  • Sponsored blog post

Why It Makes Sense

  • With our SEO marketing expertise, your investment grows beyond the initial publication and promotion. This Is Raleigh ranks highly in Google searches as we are Masters at it.
  • Trusted and expert local voice telling the story. Our loyal readers turn to us for ideas on how to play, where to eat, where to stay and getaway. We guide them towards memories that matter.
  • Our global travel influence and expertise is often called upon to share travel insights and trends. We’ve been interviewed on Fox Business and attended the first travel summit at The White House as a top global travel influencer.
  • Raleigh is a destination frequently shared by us in interviews, conference stages, and industry events bringing even more potential exposure to your business.

If you haven’t already, you can read our Work with US page for more insights on stats and the benefit of aligning with This is Raleigh


Please contact us with all pertinent information in regards to how you’d like to work with us. Let’s talk through your ideas and create a win/win relationship. You can fill out the form below or send an email to: cazcraig{at}thisisraleigh[.com]

Note: The email above needs to be written in proper email structure when you send us an email. We write it like that so bots can’t scrape it and send us endless spam.

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