EP 05: What to expect in travel for 2021

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Listen to episode 05: Travel Trends 2021

We know you’re itching to break free from the confines of your homes and travel again. In this podcast episode, we use our travel expertise and insider knowledge to share how travel will look in 2021.

Due to our unique position as one of the world’s top travel bloggers, we get access to information to the word on the street, through our ambassador partnerships and conversations with tourism board representatives from around the world.

We’re passing it over to you.


  • The general outlook for 2021 travel that most tourism reps we’ve spoken to have.
  • What will open up first and how that will roll out to international travel
  • What the popular travel trends will be
  • Why people are craving stories more than Instagram photo likes (and how to balance this on your travels)
  • Why you should do your due diligence and run some practice tests before selling everything to buy an RV and hit the road
  • Embracing the workcation lifestyle – we’ve been doing it for 10 years and agree , it’s awesome.
  • The importance of travel insurance – how it can break your finances if you don’t get it (even domestic)
  • What can we expect from vaccinations (keep yourself updated)



For those who may prefer watching a video of us podcasting, we filmed that for you too, which you’ll find on YouTube each week.

Comment: What are your travel plans for this year? How will it be different?

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