EP 10: Raleigh Life Update + New Findings

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We are back recording podcasts y’all.

In this episode we share about our house hunting in Raleigh, sending our kids to school for the first time, why Caz joined the Women’s Social Club in Raleigh, restaurants in Raleigh we’re loving, and our experience tasting Cheerwine for the first time!

Check the show notes for more topic points!

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What we talk about

  • We have a new podcasting studio @ Raleigh Founded via Earfluence SO MUCH BETTER
  • Challenges of our old podcast setup and managing a podcast with a CRAZY travel life
  • Time for our daughters to return to traditional school and the challenges of carpooling and finding the right school. 
  • Why we love a year round calendar: great for us as travelers, better for kids & teachers
  • The many schooling options and the difficulties of caps, zones, and applications!
  • This City of Oaks treasure: Raleigh City Farm and volunteering at their Wednesday Wine & Weeds
  • Our journey into house hunting during this crazy real estate market.
  • The secret is out on Raleigh being Americas best kept secret.
  • Our top lesson: Don’t Assume!! Always ask to get the facts. 
  • WOW!! In American you can get 30yr fixed interest with low rates! Certainly not the case Down Under!
  • Our excitement at owning our own home after 20yrs of renting & traveling
  • Joining the Women’s Social Club
  • Restaurants we’ve been to lately: Sitti, Bosphorus, Kababish
  • Burial beer and their cool mural!
  • Cheerwine…yuck!!!

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Video Podcast

For those who may prefer watching a video of us podcasting, we filmed that for you too, which you’ll find on YouTube each week.

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