EP 04: He Said She Said: Our Raleigh Favorites

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EP 04: What we talk about

In this episode of our This is Raleigh Podcast, we’re sharing our favorites in Raleigh. There are a couple of things we both agree on, but thankfully, we also have different favorites.

What are our favorite places to eat, drink, play, and explore in Raleigh? And what are our favorite things about living in Raleigh?

We give our insider tips (and stories) on:

  • Favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spots
  • Favorite brewery and bar
  • Favorite festival / event including the fun ones that had us running in flip flops and gorging on doughnuts.
  • We share what we call flip flops in Australia and an embarrassing experience mixing it up in the USA
  • A special concert experienced at our favorite music venue.
  • Favorite neighborhood to explore
  • Our dilemma – torn between two dream places to live in Raleigh


In the first three episodes of our This is Raleigh podcast, we’re diving deep into our story of how ended up in Raleigh in 2004, moved back and forth several times since, and eventually got a green card to live permanently.

Video podcast

For those who may prefer watching a video of us podcasting, we filmed that for you too, which you’ll find on YouTube each week.

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