Podcast 30: Terrance & Kiara Ruth Interview

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In this episode we were honored to sit down and chat with Terrance & Kiara Ruth. Terrance is in the running to become the next mayor of Raleigh, and his wife Kiara is also doing great things in the community via her online platforms.

Listen in as they share their backgrounds, the story of how they met, thoughts on living in Raleigh and the local community, their vision for Raleigh, parenting tips, their favorite things to do in Raleigh, and so much more!

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what we talked about:

  • Their backgrounds
  • Story of how they met
  • First impressions of Raleigh?
  • How they describe the community here in Raleigh 
  • Why Terrance is running to become the mayor
  • Terrance’s key campaign messages
  • Kiara’s online business and her work in the community
  • How she describes the female entrepreneur community in Raleigh
  • How they describe each other’s personality in 3 words
  • What was important to you as parents in deciding where to send their son to school?  
  • Their favorite things to do in Raleigh
  • And so much more…

Resource Links:

Uniquely Raleigh Checklist
FREE Printable CHECKLIST for all the best things to do in Raleigh  + updates + insider tips. 
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