Podcast EP 18: Adrienne Cole, CEO of Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

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Adrienne Cole is President & CEO of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, and you couldn’t get a more energetic, passionate and friendly leader for the Raleigh business community.

In this episode Adrienne shares her journey from growing up in New Bern, NC, to attending Meredith College in Raleigh, how it felt becoming the first female CEO of the Raleigh Chamber in its 130 year history, what the Chamber is all about and how it supports local businesses, where she sees Raleigh in the next 5+ years, her favorite things to do in Raleigh, and many other interesting insights about the region!

Listen to the Podcast:


What we talk about:

  • How it felt to become the first CEO of the chamber of commerce
  • Where she grew up, and her experience going to Meredith College
  • Getting her start as the County Planner & Economic Director (and the Fire Marshall) in Pamlico County
  • What brought her back to Raleigh
  • Starting with the Raleigh Chamber in 2004 running Raleigh Economic Development
  • What is Raleigh Chamber all about, and how it operates and supports businesses
  • Her role within the chamber in shaping how Raleigh has evolved
  • WHY Raleigh has such a collaborative and supportive community
  • What attracts businesses to Raleigh
  • How did Raleigh get on so many lists, and how do we stay on the lists
  • What is unique and special about Raleigh 
  • Her favorite things to do in Raleigh
  • Favorite getaway in North Carolina
  • Raleigh over the next 5-10 years

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