Podcast 33: Raleigh vs. London

Raleigh vs London

We recently visited London for 10 days and loved every minute of it. Today we thought we’d have a fun chat and do a Raleigh vs London face off, the comparisons about the City of Royals to the City of Oaks.

Listen in as we compare including topics such as public transport, coffee scene, beer scene, eating out, no tipping, weather, parks, museums, history, personality, and much more!

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What We Talked About:

  • Our London story
  • Size or Raleigh vs London
  • Public transport comparison
  • Beer culture
  • Coffee scene
  • Museums in each city
  • Hospitality and service differences (NO tipping)
  • Weather
  • Parks
  • History of each city
  • Why Raleigh needs a river!
  • Flights from Raleigh
  • Personality of British vs American
  • Different saying in each country
  • And much more!


Listen in as we compare

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