Podcast 32: Kristen Mullins “The Pie Lady” from Slice Pie Company

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Listen in to Kristen and learn about her award winning pies from her local Raleigh company, Slice Pie Co. that were voted best pies by MSN & USAtoday!

Raleigh native Kristen Mullins comes on to tell us how she and her dad made (baked?) the idea for Slice Pie Company, the company’s expansion, the most popular sellers, and what makes Raleigh so special.

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What we talked about

  • Where she grew up and went to school.
  • How she go into what she’s doing now.
  • What was it like baking with your dad.
  • How the Slice of Pie company came about.
  • Her “WHY” for doing what she does now.
  • Failures and successes along the way.
  • Thoughts on leaving corporate life.
  • The many different pies she makes.
  • Awards won.
  • Most popular pie she sells.
  • Her favorite pie.
  • Why is it so difficult to make GOOD pies.
  • Best thing about running her business.
  • Her new location.
  • And much more.


  • Slice Pie Company
  • Pick up a pie at Slice’s new location, 1400 S. Saunders St. Raleigh.

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