Podcast 24: Say Goodbye to Clutter with Pro Organizer, Sarah Valeri

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Sarah Valeri, who lives in Apex with her husband and two dogs, started her business Hello Clutter in 2019 as a way to help people transform their homes into a space where they can rest. She says hello to your clutter so you can say goodbye to it! Her passion is to remove the excess from your home (and your life!) so you can feel free.

In this episode Sarah shares some great insights on all things clutter; what it is, why people hold onto stuff, how it affects us emotionally, how to live with a partner with a different clutter threshold, tips for getting started decluttering, who she can help,  and her new year challenge!

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what we talk about:

Why Sarah started her declutter business

  • What is clutter? And what does it mean?
  • How does clutter affect us mentally and financially?
  • Examples of clutter
  • Living with a partner with a different clutter threshold
  • Why people rage donate
  • Why people hold onto stuff
  • Common items people tend to over accumulate
  • The crazy % of clothes people wear that they own
  • How to organize your kids stuff
  • Rules for buying clothes
  • Why more stuff doesn’t make us happy!
  • Why online shopping has increased hoarding clothes
  • Tips for getting started with decluttering
  • How Sarah can help you!
  • Sarah’s free decluttering checklist
  • Sarah’s new year challenge! 
  • Her favorite things to do in Raleigh

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