Podcast 20: Chuan Tsay, Founder of Heirloom Brewshop

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Chuan Tsay is the Founder of Heirloom Brewshop, one of our favorite coffee shops in Raleigh. But it’s not just any coffee shop, Heirloom is also a premium tea house, sake bar and kitchen all rolled into one with an Asian-inspired menu and aesthetics – a unique concept for Raleigh!

In this episode Chuan shares his background story of where he grew up, how the concept of Heirloom originated, what inspired its design and menu, challenges he faced starting the business, and many other powerful insights about life and doing business!

Listen to the Podcast:


What we talk about:

  • His background and where he grew up
  • How he got into the hospitality industry
  • What Heirloom is all about
  • Key features of Asian cafes that influenced Heirloom
  • Why he opened Heirloom in Raleigh and challenges he faced
  • His unique way of introducing Heirloom to Raleigh
  • What you can expect when you visit Heirloom
  • Insights on starting a business in Raleigh
  • Most popular menu items at Heirloom
  • His favorite things about living in Raleigh
  • Favorite getaway spot in North Carolina
  • and so much more!

Video podcast:

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