This is Raleigh Podcast is hosted by Caroline and Craig Makepeace, Aussie global travelers, who now call Raleigh, North Caroline home. 

After living in 5 countries, traveling to over 50, and, due to their travel blogging success, could choose to live anywhere in the world, they chose Raleigh as their permanent family home. 

Why Raleigh? This podcast dives deep into that WHY - sharing the vibrant spirit of this community and the stories of the people that make its heart and soul.

Be prepared for stories, interviews with locals and business owners, ideas for discovering or re-discovering the magic of this city (think eat, play, stay), and ideas for getaways and vacations beyond the city of oaks!


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southern dishes to eat podcast

EP 06: Classic Southern Dishes to Try


Listen to our latest podcast episode on an empty stomach. Then head straight to your local restaurant serving delicious Southern fare! In this episode, we share some of those classic Southern dishes – some we’re still learning to love! Be sure to join our email community, where we’ll share our current unique finds and ideas. […]

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people sitting at a high top table

EP 05: What to expect in travel for 2021


Listen to episode 05: Travel Trends 2021 We know you’re itching to break free from the confines of your homes and travel again. In this podcast episode, we use our travel expertise and insider knowledge to share how travel will look in 2021. Due to our unique position as one of the world’s top travel […]

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Raleigh favorites podcast

EP 04: He Said She Said: Our Raleigh Favorites


Listen to episode 04: Raleigh Favorites EP 04: What we talk about In this episode of our This is Raleigh Podcast, we’re sharing our favorites in Raleigh. There are a couple of things we both agree on, but thankfully, we also have different favorites. What are our favorite places to eat, drink, play, and explore […]

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travel blogging green card

EP O3: How a $500K Loss Lead to Blogging, & Green Cards


Listen to episode 03: Making the Dream Happen The last episode in our three part series sharing how we ended up in Raleigh, fell in love, and found a way to permanently stay. It has been an incredible 14 year journey filled with many highs and terrible lows. We share how we lost $500K in […]

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people posing for the camera

EP 02: Why we love living in Raleigh


Listen to episode 02: Why we Love Raleigh Welcome back to our podcast on Raleigh. In episode 2, we share the many different reasons we love living in Raleigh. It captured us immediately, and when we returned to Australia in 2006, we missed it so much and realized it’s where we wanted our forever home […]

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people smiling at the camera

EP01: Moving to Raleigh For the First Time


Listen now Subscribe on your favorite platform Welcome to the This Is Raleigh Podcast. You know when you visit a place and you feel so connected. You don’t have big plans, there are no bucket list attractions, you just arrive without expectation, open to seeing what unravels.  You wander the streets, go a little off […]

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