12 Days of Christmas Marketing Opportunity

12 Days of Christmas

In RAleigh

The Opportunity

To help promote LOCAL BUSINESSES in Raleigh for the upcoming Holiday Season, we’re creating a unique 12 Days of Christmas giveaway campaign. You've been invited to participate as your business represents the unique local perspective and story we love to share.

This unique marketing opportunity will give you access to our highly engaged local community on Instagram and via our blog and email subscribers who know, like and trust us.

Starting December 1st, we will feature and promote one local business per day via an Instagram Giveaway and over the next 12 days of Christmas (Dec 1-12).

Our community will get to know your brand and offerings as well as be given the opportunity to win some exciting prizes.

Entry conditions include following YOUR brand on Instagram, which presents the opportunity to grow your account following, as well as sharing your business in the Instagram update, and creating a buzz around it.

Our giveaways get a lot of traction, and are a great way to create buzz around your brand, offerings or events. We will also be promoting the giveaway via our blog and email, giving you greater reach and exposure.



Giveaway Only

$ 250 + Giveaway Prize Value
  • Listed in Blog Post
  • Mentioned in Email
  • Instagram Giveaway Promotion


  • Includes Giveaway Only Package
  • Featured Section in Blog Post


$ 650
  • Includes Giveaway Only Package
  • We create a Reel (Instagram Video) for Giveaway from our Personal Experience of your Product

The All in Deal

$ 700
  • Giveaway
  • Blog Advertising
  • Reel Upgrade

How it works

  1. Purchase a marketing package above.
  2. Select a giveaway prize (e.g. physical product or gift card, etc) from your business you think will excite people for the holidays. It must have a value of at least $100.
  3. Send relevant information & images to us [email protected]
  4. We'll create the Instagram update, run and promote the giveaway, and choose the winners randomly.
  5. We'll pass the winner details to you to organize prize delivery.


  • Slots will be filled as payment is made. Once the 12 are filled, the opportunity is closed.
  • A blog post will be created sharing who is participating in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. Upgrade options available below for extra exposure.
  • An email and Instagram story will be sent on Nov 27th to inform our community that the giveaway is happening and who is participating.
  • For an upgrade, you can have us experience your product and create a REEL for your business' giveaway.

OUR Numbers

Monthly Blog Readers

Our content ranks high on Google, is indexed for life, and can link out to your site, offering the reader the chance to learn more about you AND giving your site valuable link juice.


Our content has an engagement rate of 3% and our video Reels receive an average of 8K-30K views. In the last 7 days, our account has reached 64,158 accounts.

Email subscribers

 We send at least two emails a week to our community. They have an average open rate of 40% and click through rate of 6%


We have had over 12 years experience working as content creators via our successful international travel blog. We have partnered with brands such as American Express, Allianz Travel Insurance, Canon, Lonely Planet, Qantas, Microsoft, Ford, Nissan, and scores of tourism destinations across the world.

  • We're professional, enthusiastic, communicative, friendly, and easy to work with.
  • We create authentic and compelling stories that engage our audience and have a high level of trust, due to our expertise and passion.
  • We offer practical and personal insights while positioning your business, brand, or destination with a unique and reflective global perspective.
  • Because of our extremely strong knowledge of SEO your content continues to rank high in Google, offering long-term return of investment when most influencer partnerships have stopped producing.

Bottom line: In a world where the word influencer partnerships have stopped delivering results, we are known for creatiing authentic stories that deliver consistent and long-term ROI finite results and exposure.

Previous Clients

A woman posing for the camera

Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith - Marketing Manager, Kane Realty Corporation, North Hills

"We were very pleased with our marketing campaign with This is Raleigh. Craig is great to work with – creative, a good communicator and always professional. Their content is top notch across the board and we were very happy with the engagement and impressions we received on social media thanks to their creativity and thoughtfulness in putting together an impressive and well-rounded 48 Hour Guide to North Hills. We look forward to working with their team again in the future!" 

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